About me


I’m Lianne

On the cusp of turning 30 and armed with no specific rhyme or reason I decided to start a blog. I’ve definitely held off blogging for many years out of self-consciousness but this deep yearning inside of me and a newly acquired sense of sod it prompted me over the edge. I just craved a creative outlet to write.

I have a huge passion for self-development. To put this into context and to give you a bit of info about me, my background is psychology and by day I specialise in behavioural and research science. In my spare time I do other things to live my best life and fulfil my passions.

Personal mindset is important to me. Having been on a bit of a personal self-development journey myself I love to share my insight with others, be it in the area of health and fitness, habits and behaviour; I hope you enjoy reading my little tidbits!

Beyond that, you’ll mostly find me sharing my travel diaries since I want to see as much of the world as I can and love capturing moments!

I hope you enjoy and stay with me on this journey ❤

Lianne xx


For any general inquiries, partnership, or to say hello,  please email: lianne_kerlin@hotmail.co.uk