About me


I’m Lianne, 29 live and work in Manchester, UK, and slowly travelling the world.

On the cusp of turning 30 I decided to start a blog. I had no specific topic in mind, direction or ’specialism’ of the type of blog I wanted to create, but I knew I wanted a creative outlet to just write.

I have a huge passion about self-development. This is in every form, be it in health and fitness, personal mindset or just general habit and behaviour. I worked as a psychologist before embarking on a shift into the technology and media world. So by day I work in research and development, and by night I’m writing here: sharing all the things I love!

You’ll find me sharing my travel diaries (travel is my number one favourite activity, and I’m lucky to travel a good amount for both work and pleasure) as well as writing about everything self-development related, health, nutrition and general tid bits.

I hope you enjoy and stay with me on this journey ❤

Lianne xx


For any general inquiries, partnership, or to say hello,  please email: lianne_kerlin@hotmail.co.uk