Had a bit of an absence from blogging over the last couple of months as life has gotten oh so busy. Even though I thrive off living a fast paced & full life at times I really do have to make myself stop and look after my self. Even just for a couple of days. To reset. Then start again ๐Ÿ™‚

On that note I spent this past weekend wandering around London.

Feeling peaceful besides the water

It’s so easy to take my capital city for granted as I visit frequently for work. So taking time out to wander around and make the best use of the freakishly warm Autumn day (erm… 23C in October thank you!) was a lovely treat.

I forgot how much I love this place โค

Cheesy mushrooms and a vegan burger from street vendor Big V

Borough market was the first I discovered years ago and for that reason will always be one of my faves. However,ย Greenwich market was a new find for me, and definitely an instant winner. It was so much more calm, less crowded yet still and overwhelming amount of choice.

I also indulged, had a few massages and got my hair done. Went a bit lighter & really love the depth in colour. As I’ve got older I’ve started to really appreciate self care and taking time to indulge in myself. It’s important.

Saying farewells ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Over the last couple of months I’ve had to bid goodbye to a couple of friends that have departed for new shores. One of my friends return to her home in Australia and one of my best friends moved to NYC … cue a huge amount of *sobs*

I’m already missing her โค xx


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      1. Great museums in your country. All of every day Europe is amidst history and ancient civilizations. Our continent is a different history.

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