Copenhagen eats

Where to eat: away from the tourist traps

Head away from the busy Nyavh; a tourist spot lined with waiters a plenty attempting to lure you into their overpriced restaurants. I’m told that the restaurants here sell very standard-touristy-overpriced-non-authentic-grub. If that’s your bag then fine, but if you fancy an authentic Danish experience by dining amongst locals then head away from the main hustle and bustle and venture to the local spots.

There are some cool brunch spots, converted warehouses and food markets for a more authentic experience.

What to eat: Smorgasbord

Hallernes Smorrebrod in Torvehallerne

First things first the traditional food of Denmark is known as Smorgasbord, which is essentially an open sandwich. The specifics of the sandwich are as open as its namesake with the toppings being plentiful & creative, so enough to surely satisfy pretty much everyone. Winning concept to be honest, who doesn’t like freshly baked bread?!

You can pretty much get one of these on any nuck and cranny of any street in the city. They are everywhere and they are delicious. You really cannot leave Denmark without trying one. Hallernes Smorrebrod in the Torvehallerne food market make some really decedent, pretty and delicate open sandwiches.

Where to visit a food market: Paper Island and Torvehallerne

Denmark has tons of food markets. Paper Island is a pretty impressive food market with music and good times. Here you can find pretty much any type of cuisine with independent traders a plenty, providing a plethora of seasonal cuisine.

Hav in Torvehallerne Market

Torvehallerne food market has a bit more of a laid back vibe than Paper Island in a grab and go sense but full of incredible food stalls nonetheless. The above is a selection of fresh seafood from Hav; all raw and freshly caught from the Danish coastline. Delicious.

Where to brunch or lunch: Mad & Kaffe

Mad & Kaffe

Mad & Kaffe is heavenly. It has that urban street food vibe making it a pretty hipster spot and is perfect for people watching. We visited the one in Vesterbro but as far as I’m aware there are about 3 located throughout the city. The menu consists of a range of brunch and lunch options, the Flounder (pictured above) was delicious;  an open sandwich with capers, pickles, lemon and dill. The burger & chips were amazing (look at that picture!) and I’m also informed that the salads were also delicious.

Where to wine: Vinbodegaen

Girls wining and dining at Vinbodegaen

Vinbodegaen is a quaint little wine and snacks bar out in the Frederiksberg district specialising in fine wine and so I’d definitely recommend if like me you love a good wine!We shared a platter of fish, bread and cheese, which made the perfect accompaniment. Whilst the menu was small it was all it needed to be and definitely succeeding in hitting the spot.

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