Birthday in Barcelona

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Back from our short but sweet trip to Barcelona! Ahmed surprised me with a birthday trip to Barcelona to celebrate my 30th. I really couldn’t have wished for a better way to spend my birthday ☀️

Here are some of our highlights

First things first. Food. We found the hugely popular Milk Bar & Bistro on a bit of a whim whilst strolling around El Gotic. I tend to avoid overly touristy places but since we weren’t that ravenous we waited for a table. The Mediterranean avocado and eggs dish was incredible! So much so this place shamefully became a repeat offender for us. I rarely ever visit the same place twice on a trip so whilst it was a bit of a cardinal sin it speaks volumes. I’d go back in an instant!

The views from the funicular at MontJuic. The funicular runs from MontJuic Castle to Barceloneta beach and in my opinion one of the best ways to see the entire skyline of the city.


We’ve both had such a hectic few months so it was a nice chance to just unwind, and since we’ve both been to Barcelona a number of times before we didn’t feel the need to do any of the main sights. In lieu of sights we naturally filled our time with good food and coffee ☺️.


Top: Primark,  Trousers: designed by me and made by mum 🙂

More relaxing, mooching around and spending time at the W Hotel.



Jumpsuit: Forever 21.

Good food and good times <3. The day of my actual birthday was spent eating a ton of seafood at Restaurante Marisqueria, and when I say a ton I mean way too much help me I can’t move I need a cab home  ton. Definitely couldn’t finish it. Which says a lot for Ahmed!

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 16.47.09

More good food and finally branching away from my usual avocado and eggs in favour of a more sweet start; acai, granola and fruits.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 16.47.18

Getting dressed up and feeling super glam. I absolutely love this ASOS dress I bought on a whim and chucked in my case without trying it on. Anyone else do that? Wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance to wear it because we’re usually quite casual. Happy happy.



IMG_2860A few sights thrown in for good measure 🙂

Loved this trip and was incredibly grateful to Ahmed booking it all for me. Everything was super thoughtful.



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