Hello Hungary

Finally home again, after the most relaxing week in Budapest. We went Tuesday –  Saturday and rocked up with a pretty loose itinerary of sightseeing spots and cafes/restaurants, but I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t planned to involve some form of daily massage or spa trip… Hard life ey 😉

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Keeping a keen eye on the weather (March in Eastern Europe isn’t renowned for being the most pleasant!) our agenda was pretty spontaneous day-to-day knowing that the cold/sun/snow/rain would somewhat dictate our order of play.

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I know a lot of people like to have each day planned to a tee but since I’ve tried to pay more attention to being present I value living in the moment and savouring time and spontaneity. I’ve learned to completely enjoy losing track of time rather than constantly thinking ‘’what’s next, what are we doing tonight/tomorrow/Saturday?’’ Sounds as though it should be a simple concept, yet it can become strangely difficult to implement! Read my top tips for living in the now by truly embracing the present.

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The Jewish Quarter was probably my favourite area. A vibrant cafe culture full of hipster brunch spots, coffee a plenty and bars offering live local music. I love nothing more than finding great food and coffee, plus i’m a sucker for street art and this area was abundant with it. I’m going to do a separate post for food spots, because why not… 🙂

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We strolled across the Danube River up to the Buda castle to take in the views of the Pest side of Budapest. The walk was a nice gentle stroll, full with impressive scenery and the whole area surrounding the castle was full of medieval architecture, spectacular views and buildings reminiscent of Disney castles. I finally found my princess castle! ❤

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One of my highlights was The thermal baths. We went to Szechenyi, which, from what I believe, are the most popular and famous. Crowds aside, it was well worth it. The fresh crisp chilly air really enhanced the heat of the water. Total relaxation. I would also recommend getting a massage. We got a few from Lian mainly because of my namesake 🙂, but since they were delightful, cheap, and very close to our hotel it seemed reasonable to return a few times. For reference we stayed in The Continental Budapest, a grand hotel that would have cost considerably more if it was based in the UK. Given that Budapest on the whole is considerably cheaper than the UK for pretty much everything,  it seemed more than reasonable to book a swanky hotel (and hence treat ourselves to daily spa and sauna trips!).

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The shoes on the Danube & tribute to the war 😥

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On our last full day we took a trip to Zugliget Libego and got a chairlift to the top of the highest peak in the city. Probably not for the faint hearted or those with a fear of heights! For reference it was around 45 minutes cab/bus ride outside of Budapest. We wanted to go all week but the weather was pretty overcast so chanced waiting until the skies were brighter and clear. It certainly paid off, just look at those spectacular 360 panoramic views! Plus snow, in Spring! 🙂 Crazy weather! I would definitely recommend a trip here if you have time.

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  1. It really is a beautiful place, great people too. Recently spent Christmas at the Buddha Bar Hotel … expensive but one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in …. free upgrade to a suite too!

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