New York, New York: Travel highlights

I’ve just returned from my first ever trip to New York. I can’t quite believe I’ve never been before because it’s always been a place on my travel list, but for some reason I’ve always found myself prioritizing travelling to other places.

I spent a full week and really think I maximized my time. To get around I largely used my good old trusty legs in lieu of the subway, as one of my favourite things to do is explore aimlessly and get lost down the side streets whilst going from A to B.

Here are some of my higlights:



❤ Brooklyn ❤ I absolutely loved Dumbo. Full of hipster cafes and vintage shops, it gave me Manchester and Shoreditch vibes.




❤ Central Park was definitely a highlight for me. I love the juxtaposition of a peaceful, green and open space in the middle of the vibrancy of a city.





❤ Exploring the side streets and finding little quirks in the city. (In order: Little Italy, The Met, TriBeca, SoHo, Nolita)

I much prefer to explore places off the beaten track because I really think that’s where you get the real feel for the culture of a place – whether it’s the less popular side streets, local eateries or just general scenery that doesn’t feature in tour guides. I tend to start by including the top tourist attractions (albeit only the ones I actually want to see), but aim to find spend most of my time finding more local and back alley spots that the locals enjoy.




❤ I also spent time exploring the artwork and graffiti lining the streets. (In order: Chelsea, NoHo, Nolita)




❤ plus a few obligatory views of the skyline and Times square!

The hustle and bustle of Times Square reminded me of Shibuya in Tokyo or Leicester Square in London. Basically an assault on all of your senses!

All in all I absolutely loved the energy of New York and it’s definitely now one of my favourite cities. I guess I just love that big city busy feeling as you get caught up in the energy and vibrancy. It makes me want to go out and grab life – perfect for someone like me that struggles to sit still. It also reminded me of other cities I adore like Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. Some parts even reminded me of Manchester ❤

Have you ever been to New York? Is it one of your favourite cities?

Thanks for reading,

Lianne x


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49 thoughts on “New York, New York: Travel highlights

  1. So happy you had a good time! I live in Manhattan, and love looking at visitors posts to see what their favorite part was and hope they feel the passion and energy of the New York lifestyle it really is unlike anywhere else in the world. I don’t necessary count Mid Town (Times Square area) as real real NYC because it’s INSANE at all times of the day haha but awesome that you got to hit up downtown!

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    1. Hey Sarah! I’m completely with you on Mid Town.. I’m glad I got to see parts of it like Times Sq etc, but have to say I didn’t return! I feel exactly the same as Leicester Sq in London – it’s just a insane crazy tourist trap, that once you’ve seen you don’t feel the need to spend anytime there. Loved going to the Top of the Rock though.

      I much preferred Lower Manhattan. I LOVED Greenwich Village, TriBeca, SoHo, East Village and Chelsea. The High Line is beautiful, Chelsea market was great and loved exploring around Bleeker Street etc.

      The energy of NYC was great -I have so many more highlights and pics that I might do another post! x


    1. Of course! What plans do you already have and what sort of things do you like to do? Central park, Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo in Brooklyn, the High Line, Chelsea Market were all real highlights for me. I also loved the areas of SoHo, Tribeca, Nolita, Greenwich for street art, cool cafes and admiring the architecture! 🙂

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  2. New York was our final destination after a 3 week trans USA rail holiday that began in San Francisco. Highlights were boat trip past Statue of Liberty and going to the very top of the Empire State Building. Best Museum was the Museum of Modern Art. I guess we were too tired to really enjoy it and it was our least favourite city on the trip. Chicago was #1 for us 👍👫

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    1. That sounds like such a busy (but equally fun!) trip. I love San Francisco too but have yet to visit Chicago.It’s on my list!

      In terms of San Fran, I LOVED cycling the Golden Gate bridge – But for some reason I think I preferred the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe it was seeing the skyline on both sides. Never made it up the Empire state. I opted for the Top of the Rock instead, which I really loved! I agree though, when you’re tired these cities are overwhelming big to try to fit it all in!

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      1. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour for us oldies, some nights on Amtrak sleepers, only 1-3 nights in lots of places. But always something we wanted to do. By the way, your homepage doesn’t seem to work, have you got it clicked to static page or blog in your settings? An About page would be nice too, just a small bio. We have one but not much personal information

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      2. Sounds fun 🙂

        I’m really not sure how to work the home page – do I need to have it set to static for it to work? I know I need to update/add an about page too & have been meaning to… It’s on my evergrowing To-Do list 🙂 Thanks for pointing this out though! 🙂

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      3. Go to your dashboard then Settings>Reading and click on set posts as Homepage (not Static Homepage) then click on the number of posts to display on Home. I would go for 4-6 or you’ll have endless scrolling

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      4. Take a screenshot of the settings page I mentioned so I can see how it’s fixed. Use my contact page first to get in touch and I’ll send you my email address


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  4. This post brings back memories of my own trip to NY back in 2015 – it was my first solo travel adventure, so I was both nervous and excited 🙂 unfortunately Blizzard Juno hit just as I landed, so I didn’t get to experience nearly half the stuff I wanted to. I’ll definitely have to head back at some point, so I can do a few more of the things you’ve listed x

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